If you are anything like me, you need that little chili hit in almost all your food.


I generally like all the different types of chili, and there individual characteristics and spices that they bring to the party. From fresh raw, birds eye, pickled, and spicy chili peppers; basically any type of chili or chili sauce, I love them all.


There are so many varieties of chilies all offering different things, but one of my favourite chilies has to be jalapeños; especially the pickled ones. For me, they make so many meals come to life with that tangy spicy flavour that I just find to be irresistible. So when I discovered Haynes Gourmet, I had to give them a go!

Haynes Gourmet is a family run business based in Marlow. Their passion for good food is the driving force behind their hand-crafted sweet & spicy creations.


All of their products are made by the Haynes family using only natural ingredients, absolutely no artificial flavours or colours, and cooked in small batches. Their Candied Jalapeños & Relish are all vegan friendly, gluten free, and GMO free.

I’ve been lucky enough to try out the Candied Jalapeños, the BBQ sauce, and the Candied Jalapeños relish. Let me tell you, these products are nothing like the ones you get from your local supermarket. I have never tasted a jalapeño quite like their Candied ones. They are delicious and dangerously more-ish, I could literally just sit there on the sofa eating the entire contents of the jar. They offer just the right balance of sweet to spicy ratio, and I’ve literally been adding them to everything I eat. I’ve even added some to my cheese on toast in the morning. If I carry on this way, I think I will have to go to chilli rehab for some help. I’ve also used their BBQ sauce to marinate some chicken which I then cooked on the barbecue. Wow! What a flavour it punches and again, it clearly stands out from your regular brands.


If like me, you love your chilies and are looking to try something new, head over to Haynes Gourmet where you won’t be disappointed!




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Review posted on the 26th July 2018





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