Eating as a family is very important, it’s a time to separate ourselves from everyday life, tablets, tv, etc, and enjoy each other’s company; a time to bond. 

Unfortunately, life isn’t that simple and with everyone in my house running on different timetables, it’s almost impossible for us to sit and eat together. That’s why it’s super important that on a Sunday, we all sit-down and eat as a family.

On this particular Sunday, we were having a really relaxing morning and by lunchtime, I decided that I was in no way, going to be cooking. All I wanted to do was relax and I suggested that we went out to eat. The problem was, that it was now 12 on a Sunday afternoon and the chances of getting in any restaurant were slim to none. Our usual tried & tested local restaurant was of course full, at such short notice so it was back to the drawing board. My wife then suggested that we try Hearth of the Ram, Instagram feed looked great, I’d heard great things about it in the past plus they could fit us in (that should have maybe rang alarm bells for me).



On arrival, we were greeted by a nice gentleman who showed us to our table which happened to be located in the conservatory part of the restaurant. We were seated right next to a large table which looked like it could seat around 16 people, but at that point, only a few people were there. In hindsight, when I made the reservation I should have been notified that the only table available was next to a large party. If at the time of booking I would have been made aware of this I would have not made the reservation as normally large parties can get a bit boisterous. Next, a waitress came took our drinks order and left us with 3 menus for the 5 of us. When she returned with the drinks, I asked her if we could have another menu which seemed to put her out, but eventually, she did return with another one.

Sitting in the conservatory, we had to put our coats back on because it was very cold and we were not the only people with our coats on. You would think that the staff would have noticed and done something about it. We sat there reading our menus with our coats on and whilst more people joined the big party and the volume level slowly increased.

Looking at the menu it looked very promising. So for starters, I ordered the Bang Bang King Prawns whilst my wife ordered the Roasted Butternut Squash & Mediterranean Vegetable Couscous. For the main course, I ordered the Beef Sunday Roast with all the trimmings, and my wife went with the Lamb Rump plus 3 kids dinners. As we waited for the food to come the large table was now full and was very loud, people shouting from one end to the other end of the table with no regards to other people trying to enjoy their food.

As if it was not loud enough we could hear football playing in the background, which we assumed it must have been on in the bar area of the restaurant; but that was not the case at all. As we waited for the starters to arrive I went to the bathroom and on my way back I noticed that there was no football on in the bar. It was only when I was walking back to my seat that I passed a table, just a couple in front of us and discovered the origin of the noise. On this particular table there was a lad slouching right back that he might as well have been lying down, he had his shoes off and feet up on the chair whilst watching a match on his phone and had the volume right up. I'm sorry but I don’t go out to eat in a restaurant to see someone with no shoes off and feet up. If you look up disrespectful or rude in the dictionary there could be a photo of this person. 

I could not believe what I was seeing and it was almost as if the staff were oblivious of what was going on around them or they just didn’t care that their guests were sat eating wearing their coats, that the large party were being very loud, and that one of their guests thought he was at home sat on his sofa.

Ram Bang Bang Prawns.jpg
Ram CousCous.jpg
Ram Beff.jpg

I’m not going to go into detail with the food but what I will say is that presentation-wise the food looked amazing. Unfortunately that’s where the story ended. Some of the food was cold and in my opinion, it was all lacking in flavour & basic seasoning; such a shame.

To be honest I just wanted to eat and leave, but the kids wanted some ice cream so when I eventually got the attention of one of the waitresses, I asked her what flavour ice cream they had on offer, Her reply was ‘We have honeycomb or Bakewell tart flavour’ and then as if by magic she disappeared. I managed to get another waitress over and placed the order for the ice cream but in return, she said ‘We only have vanilla ice cream’ which made me laugh because 2 minutes ago vanilla wasn’t even an option. Anyway, the kids got their vanilla ice cream and I could not wait for the bill so I just paid at the bar and off we went vowing that we will not be returning.

I totally understand that restaurants can have a bad days, and I normally give places a couple of chances because of that reason. Considering the fact that the staff did not seem to care that half of their guests were eating with their coats on, and allowing people to watch football and act as if they are sat at home in the middle of the restaurant, is disgraceful. I know restaurants have to take big bookings at times, but I just think that they should make other people aware of this when they are booking. 

So considering the lack of disregard for guests, the unfriendly and unapproachable staff and the disappointing food and services we will not be returning to the Hearth of the Ram.

One final point… I always think that front of house staff are just as important as the food being served and can make or break a restaurant. Any restaurant can have a bad day, but if the staff look after you, you are more likely to return and give the restaurant a second chance.

ow time for the rating….


  • Service = 0

  • Atmosphere = 1

  • Food presentation = 2

  • Food quality = 1

  • Waiting time = 2

  • Value = 3


Total 9 out of 30



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13 Peel Brow, Ramsbottom, Bury, BL0 0AA



Review posted on the 6th October 2018

Visited 23rd September 2018



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