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Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Prep Time 10 minutes - Total Time 30 minutes - Makes around 8

If you like prawns you need to try this recipe, if you don’t like prawns you need to try this recipe. Basically, you need to try this recipe!

Serve them up as a starter or as a light lunch with a little salad. Perfect on a hot sunny day with a very cold beer.

(You will also find this recipe on page 60 of my book Richard’s Family Favourites click here)

Fritter Ingredients

  • 300 g of prawn.

  • Chilli flakes to taste.

  • 1 small handful of fresh coriander.

  • 3 spring onions, finely sliced.

  • 1 thumb piece of ginger, grated.

  • 1 lime, zest only.

  • 1 small carrot, grated.

  • 2 tbsps of flour.

  • 1 medium egg, whisked.

Aioli Ingredients

  • 1 large free-range egg.

  • 100 ml sunflower oil.

  • 2 garlic cloves.

  • 1 lime, juice only.

  • Pinch of salt.


  1. To make the aioli put all of the ingredients into a jug. Use a handheld blender at the lowest speed and whizz for around 20 seconds without moving it. Once everything comes together and starts to thicken, at this point you can start to move the blender up and down. Continue to mix till you get a nice thick consistency. Once done check the seasoning and put it into an airtight jar. It will keep in the fridge for a couple of days.

  2. For the cakes start by patting dry the prawns, you want them as dry as possible. Then chop them as small as you can, around the size of a pea. Place them into a large bowl along with the rest of the ingredients, season with salt and pepper and mix.

  3. Get a nonstick frying pan over a medium heat with enough oil to coat the bottom of the pan. Then take a tablespoonful of the mixture, add to the pan, flatten down and fry for 3 minutes on each side. Do this in batches so you don’t overcrowd the pan.

  4. Once cooked place on some kitchen paper to absorb some of the oil. Serve alongside the aioli and I like to finish it off with some fresh mint, coriander, a few chilli slices and some more lime zest.


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