When people think of Manchester they automatically think of football, ‘Are you Red or are you Blue?’, or mega bands like Oasis, but Manchester has a lot more to offer than just 2 great football teams and great music. This wonderful city also has an amazing food culture offering everything you would want to eat plus a lot more, from great burger joints to some of the best fine dining restaurants the UK has to offer.


Manchester is full to the brim with so many cool bars and restaurants spread all over the city. From Deansgate to Chinatown, we are literally spoilt for choice. Whatever you fancy to eat or drink, town has your back ‘Our Kid’. One of Manchester’s hotspots has to be the Northern Quarter; a great area of town full of quirky bars and restaurants. The other week I was invited to the launch of the new menu at The Blue Pig which is situated right in the heart of the Northern Quarter. Now although I’d never been to The Blue Pig before, I’d heard so many good things about it from my friends. Especially about how crazy good their Sunday roasts are, so needless to say I was excited to see what they had to offer.

As soon as you walk in from the street, you know you are in a funky place. There’s a DJ spinning the tunes in the corner, a fully loaded bar with every drink your heart desires, and the ceiling is painted black and full of graffiti. Oh yeah... and there is a big blue pig, defying the laws of gravity, walking on upside down on the ceiling.


The evening started with a very delicious but strong blue pig English spiced negroni, and when I say strong I mean strong. Unfortunately for me, I was unable to finish it because I was driving however my friend who had joined me for the evening made light work of it.

First to the table was a delicious selection board of cheeses which if my memory serves me correctly, we had a blue, a brie and a Red Leicester with some crackers; and served alongside a wild boar salami, baby pickled veg and a super tasty tomato chutney.

Next in line was another board full of little goodies. A huge beetroot and falafel duck scotch egg with a perfectly runny egg yolk and a ginger rhubarb jam, a pork cheek bon bon, Feta stuffed olives with romesco sauce, breadcrumbed and deep fried. By the way I absolutely love olives and by coating them and frying them it takes it to another level. The last thing on the board was my favourite item of the whole night, tempura jerk king prawns. The prawns were so big and juicy and had just the right amount of kick to them. They were so addictive, I could of eaten a bucket full of them with 5 or 20 very cold beers.


Now the next course I’m ashamed to say is something I’ve never had before but have always wanted to try, so at the tender age of 37 almost 38 I finally popped my oyster cherry. I ate one just on its own with a squeeze of lemon and another one with a drizzle of the Mexican dressing which was made up of fresh jalapeño, lime juice and fresh coriander. I prefer them with the dressing rather than on their own, but I’m glad I finally got round to trying them and I will most definitely be popping one into my mouth again in the future.

After all that delicious savoury food it was now time for dessert and it came in the form of a porn star Eton mess. It was a great twist on the famous dessert and went down a real treat, closely followed by the final drink of the the night; a lemon curd Collins.


Thank you to all the staff at The Blue Pig but especially to our waiter whose name has completely disappeared from my mind, mostly due to the last cocktail I had.


If you like good food and great drinks, be sure to call in and see the guys at Blue Pig and remember; On the 7th day god created MANchester.

Now time for the rating….


  • Service = 3

  • Atmosphere = 5

  • Food presentation = 4

  • Food quality = 3

  • Waiting time = 5

  • Value = 5


Total 25 out of 30



0161 806 0794

69 High Street, Manchester, M4 1FS


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Review posted on the 31st May 2018

Visited Thursday 17th May 2018






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