On Friday the 6th April the family and I were away for the weekend in North Yorkshire and we had our dog Kevin with us, so after having a long journey in a car full of kids, bags, and Kevin; we decided to eat out. My wife got on the phone and started to search for dog friendly pubs in the local area. After a while searching she found The Buck Inn, which sounded really nice, and was located only a short drive away from where we were staying. By this time it was almost 17:30 on a Friday night so I rang them with my fingers crossed in hope that they could fit us in, and luckily they could if we came straight away, which we did.


As soon as we pulled up outside I had a good feeling about the place, a beautiful old pub on a country lane. As we walked in we were greeted by the manager (sorry I’ve forgotten his name) at the door with a big smile, and a dog treat for Kevin. The pub has been there since the 18th century and was full of charm, with a log fire at one side and a wood burner at the other. It just felt so cosy and inviting. We were given a lovely table by the log fire and window.

The menu was a good size offering 5 starterss and 10 main courses, but we decided to skip the starters and just go straight into the mains.


I chose to go with the pie of the day, which was beef serviced with creamy mash and market vegetables. My wife went with the smoked haddock kedgeree which came with a lightly curried rice with peas and prawns, topped with a crispy hens egg. My eldest now 11 refuses to order from the kid's menu, so she went with the pan roasted chicken breast with smoked bacon and parsley jus, dauphinoise potatoes and market veg, and my 2 young children both went with sausage and mash from the kid's menu.

When the food came it did not disappoint at all. My pie was rich, full of flavour, and the shortcrust pastry was amazing; as was the gravy, the buttery mash and veg. My wife's kedgeree has to be the best one I’ve ever tried and in fact, I’m going to steal this recipe hahaha. The smoked haddock was beautifully cooked, just flaked away, and the curried rice with peas and prawns were so tasty. The jewel in the crown of this dish had to be the soft and crispy egg which when you cut into it, just oozed egg yolk all over the plate. My daughter's pan roasted chicken was to die for. An amazing combination with the dauphinoise potatoes and tender vegetables. Let’s not forget the 2 little bangers and mash with gravy that my other 2 had. Now I didn’t try any of these, as I did with the other dishes, but according to my son he said it was very very nice; so it must have been.


Although we skipped starters, we didn’t pass on dessert, which like the starters and main are all homemade. Picking what to have though, was not an easy choice to make as there were 5 different ones to choose from, and they all sounded really nice. So my wife and I shared a sticky toffee pudding with maple and walnut ice cream, and I must say it was one of the best toffee puddings I’ve had in a while. The maple and walnut ice cream was out of this world. The 2 little ones just had a bowl of ice cream each and my eldest had a warm chocolate brownie with a Bailey's chocolate sauce; plus vanilla ice cream which was beautiful.

It was now time to pay the bill, and for the 5 of us it came to £80.55 for all the food plus drinks; which I think was really good. The service was excellent from the moment we walked through the door till the moment we left, they could not have done enough for us and made us feel really welcomed. The only bad thing I have to say about the Buck Inn is that it’s not closer to where I live, because if it were, I would be a regular.


Now time for the rating….


  • Service = 5

  • Atmosphere = 5

  • Food presentation = 5

  • Food quality = 5

  • Waiting time = 5

  • Value = 5


Total 30 out of 30


This is just mine and my family's opinion from our visit, but if you are in the area I do recommend you pop in for a bite to eat.



01845 587 777

The Buck Inn, Maunby, YO7 4HD


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Review posted on the 2nd May 2018

Visited Friday 6th April 2018