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My name is Richard and I am a passionate self-taught home cook, eating and cooking my way through life.
I was born in Spain and I was very fortunate to have 2 great cooks in my life one being Mum and the other, my dad. Mum is English and from Manchester, and dad is Spanish and originally from a very small village called Anchuras. We moved to England in the summer of '86 when I was 6 years old. Growing up with my brother it was Mum who would cook dinner for the family Monday – Saturday and it was always homemade and always fresh, but when it came to Sunday that was Mum's day off from the kitchen and the apron would be handed over to Dad. When Dad was cooking, you could always rely on it being a Spanish dish like paella or what he would call mountain food; something like a huge pot of lentils, enough to feed the whole street or a chicken roast dinner, but with his own little Spanish twist.

My love for food and cooking came into play when my wife and I moved in together in 2002 and I happened to discover Jamie Oliver’s 'The Naked Chef' TV show. From that moment, I just fell in love with cooking and food, because at the time there was no one like him. Since then, it's been a passion of mine. 

I've been going out to eat in different restaurants, visiting food festivals, meeting celebrity chefs like Rick Stein, Gino and John Torode, buying lots of recipe books/magazines and watching countless hours of cookery programs. I also applied for MasterChef, which I got on in 2017, but it didn't go to plan. This devastated me at the time, but it was amazing to be part of the show and I would love to be able to do it again.


When my wife and I had kids, the cooking got put on the back burner for a while as life got a bit busy. I still made the children fresh meals and refused to buy readymade bottle baby food. I would spend a couple of nights making big batches of baby food and freezing it, but now with all 3 kids getting bigger and having a little more time, I started up my Instagram food account page (@familyhomecook) a couple of years back, which has a good following and is growing slowly every day.


For me, food and cooking is a way of escaping from everyday life and a way of expressing myself. I think its amazing how food can act as a time machine, from just the smell of something cooking or the taste of a dish, it can take you back in time to a memory.
My cooking is very versatile and I try to cook lots of different styles, from simple pasta dishes to great traditional English food like pies & fish and chips. I also try a bit of posh from time to time but my favourite things to cook would have to be Italian, Spanish and Great British Classics. If I had to rate myself on a scale of 1 - 10, I would rate myself a 6 because I always think there is room for improvement and you can never stop learning and improving; and the more I cook the more I love it and the better I get and grow in confidence.
I have big dreams, goals and ambitions; I look up to so many different chefs from Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay & Marco Pierre White, to previous MasterChef contestants like Dean Edwards. 

Cheers for reading.




---- JAMIE OLIVER ----

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