Carbon Free Dining, you're probably thinking to yourself what is that?

We its an amazing United Nations Environment backed sustainability initiative for restaurants. This initiative adds another dimension to the dining experience, for the customers and the staff.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘from a tiny seed grows a mighty tree’ well this saying could not be any more true. For each bill that is presented in a Carbon Free Dining Certified restaurants an optional £1.23 micro contribution will be added to that bill.

This £1.23 will guarantees that a single fruit tree is planted in the developing world. The tree will counterbalance the environmental impact of the meal, the carbon footprint is offset and the restaurant and the diners help end poverty in the developing world. £1.23 doesn't sound a lot but it can feed an entire family in some of poorest communities in the world. It will provide a source of income, reforestation and will change lives for generations to come. By simply planting a single fruit tree, you are helping end their dependence on unsustainable aid.

We are happy to have restaurants signed up to Carbon Free Dining all over the country as well as in Europe and the US. And we are proud to have some of the industry’s biggest names supporting Carbon Free Dining in their restaurants such as Marco Pierre White, James Martin and Cyrus Todiwala.

And thanks to the help of these chefs and our restaurant partners, in 2021 we will hit a monumental milestone of 2 million trees. Trees that will help heal the world and change peoples lives for the better.

Could your restaurant do more to counterbalance the carbon footprint? Would you like to enhance your diners experience? If you answered yes to both of these questions then click one of the below link to start your journey on becoming a more sustainable restaurant or get in touch with me via my contact page.

Existing Lightspeed Epos users click here.

Using a different Epos provider click here.

Once you have signed up, a member of the team will contact you to talk you through the process and get you live planting trees and changing lives.