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Carbon Free Dining/SustainablyRun is an amazing United Nations Environment backed sustainability initiative that pay restaurant to offset their carbon footprint.


While traditional methods of carbon reduction cost businesses money, the Carbon Offset Incentive automatically sends restaurants money on a quarterly basis just for being part of the Sustainably Run Restaurant Initiative.

The amount restaurants receive varies based on the number of bills you present. For example a restaurant that presents 250 bills per week receives around £1,600 per year, just for being part of the Initiative. 

This initiative adds another dimension to the dining experience, for the diner and the staff. It will increases diner loyalty and you will also receive free marketing such as social media videos all for free. All this is done while offsetting the Carbon Footprint of your restaurant which has a massive positive impact on the planet and also a massive impact on the diners.

Business offsetting their carbon impact is becoming more and more important, especially with diners becoming more aware about it. 87% of diners are more loyal to restaurants that are doing their bit for the environment.

The restaurant empowers diners to offset the Carbon footprint of their visit by planting a tree in the developing world with every meal. 1 bill = 1 tree.


Now the way we fund this is that diners have the option to contribute to funding a life-saving fruit tree for JUST A SMALL TINY MICRO optional donation of £1.23 per bill not per person! An explanation is printed at the bottom of each bill and we can also provide you with free table talkers, window stickers and staff pin badgers.

We have restaurants signed up to Carbon Free Dining/SustainablyRun all over the country as well as in Europe and the US. And we are proud to have some of the industry’s biggest names supporting us in their restaurants such as Marco Pierre White, James Martin and Cyrus Todiwala. And thanks to the help of these chefs and our restaurant partners, in 2021 we hit a monumental milestone of 2 million trees.


So now, your diners are not just having a great night out with amazing food they are also having a massive positive impact on the environment as well as changing lives, all for free and as easy as 123.

So could your restaurant do more to counterbalance the carbon footprint? Would you like to enhance your diners experience? If you answered yes to both of these questions then click one of the below links to start your journey on becoming a more sustainable restaurant.


Existing Lightspeed Epos users click here.


Using a different Epos provider click here.

Once you have signed up, you will have access to your personal dashboard. Within the dashboard you will find your certificate, marketing material as well as other useful information. You will also be contacted by a member of the team who will be on hand to help you through the process and get you live planting life-changing trees.




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