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Cooking Time 12 minutes - Serves 2

You won't find a tastier or quicker dish to cook. Ready to eat in under 15 minutes - now that's what you fast food.

Perfect for when you crave takeout but want something healthy.


  • 2 x 100g salmon fillets, skin removed.

  • 1 tsp of white Miso.

  • 1 tsp of soy sauce.

  • 1 tsp of sesame oil.

  • 1 tbsp of honey.

  • 1 thumb piece of ginger, grated.

  • 1 garlic clove, grated.

Optional Garnishes

  • Fresh coriander.

  • Fresh mint.

  • Sesame seeds.

  • Chillies.

  • Spring onion.

  • Limes.


  1. Place all the ingredients, except the salmon into a bowl. Season, mix well and coat the salmon in the sauce. You can cook the salmon straight away at this point, but if you have the time marinate for as long as possible.

  2. When you are ready to eat pop the salmon into a preheated oven set at 180° for 12 minutes. Once done serve straight away with either noodles or rice and garnish.


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