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Prep Time 15 minutes - Total Time 20 minutes - Serves 4

Whenever I eat this salad it makes me think of hot summer days in Spain as this is one of my go-to lunches. It’s not really a recipe, to be honest, it’s just the case of throwing some of your favourite things together but I think this combo works really well.

Salad Ingredients

  • 400 g tin of cannellini beans, drained.

  • 400 g tin of chickpeas, drained.

  • 300 g tin tuna, drained.

  • 1 red onion, cut in half and finely sliced.

  • 1 red chilli, cut in half lengthways, deseeded and finely sliced.

  • 2 roasted red peppers from a jar and roughly chopped.

  • 150 g mixed cherry tomatoes.

  • 80 g cucumber, cut into half-moons.

  • 50 g green olives, sliced.

  • 1 handful of fresh parsley, roughly chopped.

Dressing Ingredients

  • 10 tbsps of olive oil.

  • 7 tbsps of white wine vinegar.

  • 1 garlic glove, crushed.

  • 1 tbsp of dried oregano.


  1. Simple take all the salad ingredients and mix together in a bowl. Feel free to add more of any of the ingredients that you like or even add other ingredients to it.

  2. In a jar add the oil, vinegar, garlic and oregano along with a pinch of salt. Pop a lid on and give it a good shake, or just mix in a bowl. Pour all over the salad and mix well. Serve immediately with some nice crusty baguette.

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